BMB: Brannvernsamarbeidet mur og betong


Welcome to the Norwegian BMB

The Norwegian Masonry and Concrete Fire Protection Association – BMB is an association that joins most of the Norwegian concrete- and masonry industry to work towards common goals. BMB was established in 1981, and has as a superior goal to initiate to research and to spread information concerning the advantages of masonry and concrete in fire protection applications.

Among the partners of BMB are:

• Norcem AS
• weber/Saint-Gobain
• FABEKO – The Norwegian Ready Mixed Concrete Association
• The Norwegian Precast Concrete Association

The address of BMB is:

Gml. Drammenvei 256
NO-1383 Asker

Phone: +47 90 05 13 54


Home page:

BMB has used much effort to focus on the problems in Norway connected to the spread of fire in terraced houses built in timber frame structures. In these matters BMB has used untraditional ways of spreading information, through press releases and aggressive use of mass media.

In 1998 BMB published a construction manual aimed at architects and consulting engineers, as a tool for the design of fire safe buildings in masonry and concrete, related to the new Norwegian building regulations. The publication is regularly revised in according ti changes in regulations.

In 2003 the very popular brochure “Sjekk Brannveggen” (Check the fire wall) was updated according to new requirements concerning existing and new buildings. The work was sponsored by building authorities and insurance companies.

The main object in 2011 is to focus on fire safety in high rise domestic buildings. The reason for this is a very massive R & D and marketing campaign from Scandinavian timber industry, promoting timber frame structures in buildings until 8 storeys high.

BMB is looking for collaboration and exchange of experiences from similar organizations in other countries. If you as a reader of this message have some information in this connection, please contact us at

Oslo January 2011
Bjørn Vik
Managing director